Cab Booking, Modification, Cancellation and Payment Policy,

Booking Policy:
While cab booking using the services of Zoroute, the following rules apply: A booking can be done a maximum of 90 days before the trip start date. Similarly, a booking can be done a minimum of 5 hours before the trip start time.
Booking can be done through our website at or call at +91 8-999- 999-366 In case of online confirmed bookings, an advance amount needs to be paid by the customer online while booking. The advance amount is based on the estimated total cost and will be adjusted with the final amount at the end of the trip.
Due to a genuine reason customer can generate an online request without paying advance but we will contact the customer to confirm the booking.
For every confirmed booking, a car will be allotted at least 4 hours before the trip. The customer will get an email and/or sms confirmation with the car and driver details after the allotment. Customer should carry a printout of the booking voucher or the booking confirmations SMS for identification.

For booking modifications, following rules will apply:
You can modify the start and/or end date (pre-pone or post-pone) for a booking without any modification fee (subject to availability of the vehicle) but you must communicate us at the earliest. All modification requests should be communicated to us and we will confirm you through email, call or sms.
Modifications are allowed even after trip start but you must inform to the company.

Cancellation rules:
All the cancellation requests should be done online or through email at; In case the booking is cancelled more than 24 hours or more before the pick up time, 100% of the advance deposit will be refunded.
In case the booking is cancelled within 24 hour before pick up time, 100% of the advance deposit will be deducted as penalty.
In case the cancellation is done from zoroute end, 100% of the advance amount will be refunded.

Final Payment at Trip Completion:
After completion of the trip, the final payment has to be done by the customer to the taxi operator/driver itself. The value of the final payment will be the total cost + service tax minus the advance payment(if any). The final payment should be a cash payment as the driver might not be able to charge on card or may not accept cheques.

In case, the final amount is less than the advance booking deposit (if any), Zoroute will refund the excess amount back to the customer after confirming with the driver/operator.

In case of vehicleaccident/break-down the company will provide an alternate vehicle or will refund the advance deposit if booking cancelled.

In case of a no-show by the driver for a scheduled departure, the company will provide an immediate replacement with a similar car and in case we could not find a replacement, a full refund of the advance will be done.